Sage Data Exchange
XML and JSON API for Sage 100

What is Sage Data Exchange?

The Sage Data Exchange API gives you access to Sage 100 data from your application or website. All that's required is a working knowledge of JSON or XML so you can communicate with the API. Easy to follow examples can get you retrieving data right away! (Check out the API Demo.)

Sage Data Exchange was built as a replacement for e-Business Manager, a phenominal out-of-the-box web store that fell prey to changing technologies. The biggest attraction for e-Business Manager was it's direct connection to Sage 100. The Sage Data Exchange API gives every application the opportunity to have that connection.

Of course, that's only half the solution. You need a web store application, too. You can build your own, or you can select one of the many pre-built web store applications out there. Magento, Mozu, and even Google have web store applications.

OBD Studios, our web development partner, is working with {wrap}bootStrap, a webstore front-end toolkit with a wealth of templates to choose from. Visit our Store Demo connected to the Sage 100 ABC Demo Data.


for Sage 100 Custom Office Users

The Sage Data Exchange API gives you external access to Custom Office User Defined Fields and Tables connected to existing Resources.


for Sage 100 Master Developers

The Sage Data Exchange API gives you external access to Master Developer fields added to any Sage 100 table in an existing Resource.

Developers can also create their own Sage Data Exchange Resources, retrieving and posting data to Master Developer created tables.

Resource source code is available.